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Size: L:154cm W:65cm H:131cm Comes with a unique "X" back post design aimed to increase bass quality and general tuning stability. The Yamaha "X" series Professional Upright Pianos are for those who want a serious replacement for their small grand pianos. These pianos are a significant jump over the U1 and U3 pianos. They have a star shaped back frame to better balance the overall tension. Hammers are made of a higher quality felt from both Yamaha and Renner of Germany, and the scaling of the strings are a slight improvement from the U series pianos. The action has a more precise feel to it, contributing to a more lively and controlled response. There is a tone escapement slot in the front cover of the cabinet for increased clarity. Pianos of the 131cm range include the X, YUA, YUX, UX, UX3, UX30 and the WX3

Approx year:1982

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